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Writer's Block: Time is (not) on My Side

Ohhhhhh, here we go.

My first ACen with Sam, back in 2008. We were all excited, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about our first anime con, WOO!

Aaaaaand then we got to the Stevenson Convention Center. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we got in line behind a bajillion people who wanted to get in too. Aaaaand then we had to get into the Registration line. Aaaaand then they had to make our passes.

In all, we were in line about 3 hours. About. Give or take. And then we didn't do much besides explore and then go to Vic Mignongagdhjdfghgsdhfa's panel and get his autograph in the parking garage. It was pretty rad.

We know better now. We've been pre-ordering our badges every year since. And it's been so much nicer.

Well, except last year, Sam and our friends didn't pre-order in time for them to be delivered to them. So we stood in line for about an hour in cosplay. It was much more rad XD.
What is the longest you've ever waited in line?

A Passing Thought on Jealousy

We all get jealous, admit it. Jealousy is a curious thing; it angers us that someone has something we desire. We can be jealous of possessions, of lifestyles, of associations, of relationships. But the point of it is, someone has it, we don't, we want it.
I want something my friend possesses that I've wanted for years but been unable to get. I want to be able to travel everywhere like my friend who is 5 years my junior has been able to do. I want a relationship like my friends have been able to have with their respected significant others.
But there's a catch. Not everyone has everything, no matter how much we might like to believe so when we are jealous. Where they have something you do not have, you also have something they do not have. Think about it, you can figure out what it is with a bit of thought. I have things the people who I envy do not have, and I know what they are, although I will not list them out. I am happy to have these things, despite my not showing it all too often. I cannot imagine my life without some of them, and others I recognize my luck in the possession.
However, this realization does not remove the jealousy. The desire for what you do not have. For jealousy is a curious thing; it blinds us to what we have, only showing us what we do not. And it takes a strong person to take their sight back and see what they have and to turn a blind eye to what they do not.
Just a thought.
I am a proud Year of the Ram/Sheep/what have you. This means I'm smart, artistic, kind, happy, reserved, insecure, dependent.
... yep. Sounds about right. :D
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?

Writer's Block: Fairytale Endings

My version of "Happily Ever After" is pretty cliche. Meet the love of your life, get married, do something you love for a job or un-job, have kids, stay happy together forever and ever.
This is normally the part where I go on for a while about what I just said, but really... that's all I have to say. Do something you love surrounded by the people you love. That's my idea of happiness.
What is your version of happily ever after?

New semester so far

So my 4th semester at college isn't all that bad so far. The classes are ok, except I'm pretty sure ethics and Latino/a lit are going to kill me if by nothing else than the subject matter not being something I'm into. Then I have an intro to theatre class with desks made for third graders, a religion and lit class that is really really science fiction-ey for some reason but I don't care cuz it's awesome, and my advanced writing class which is pretty self explanatory.
But the worst part of it all is that I'm still working on papers for a class from last semester that I had to take an incomplete on. And these papers really might be the true death of me. The one I've been doing for 2 months now is on Beowulf, the bane of my existence. And then I have to pick between the Canterbury Tales and Paradise Lost for my other one. I honestly don't know which I hate less. Neither are all that bad, but it'll be coming up with a topic for a paper about them that will kill me.
And now I'm just derping it up on my iPod while trying to make myself tired for bed. A friend of mine found all these personifications of different Internet sites that she wants a lot of us to cosplay, and we decided that I'll be livejournal. Even her description sounds like me. So maybe I'll post a link to where these all came from later when I have easier access. For now, though, I think I'll end my derpfest here for the night. Gonna give sleeping another shot. =3=

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Can someone give me a hand here?

I have some friends who have lost all their faith in the belief that they'll find someone who will love them someday. They're way too young to be thinking this way; they're not even out of high school yet. Does anyone have anything that could help them restore that faith? I will not rest until I have seen even a slight bit of hope out of them. Just because all they see is the failures doesn't mean there aren't any successes, right? Thank you for whatever help anyone has to offer.

Happy 2012...?

The first semester of my second year in college has sucked; yes, I mean that presently. It's not quite over for me, because I had to take an incomplete in one of my classes so that I could write 2 papers I never got around to in the class due to my depression. I've suffered through depression a few times, but by far this semester has been the worst, and I was seeing a counselor at my school once a week towards the end of the semester, but that wasn't really doing much for me. I don't know if I'm going to continue seeing him once the new semester starts up. We also made an appointment with an actual doctor to get an actual diagnosis for what is going on in my head. It's next week, and I really hope that whatever happens, I can get on the road to being normal again. Because I'm just so sick of being down all the time.

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Writer's Block: Study break

My current double-major in school is English and Secondary Education, so that I can become a high school English teacher for my career. I'm only a sophomore, so I'm still waist-deep in gen. eds., but everyone has to go through those so you know, whatever.

I would really like to take on a minor in History, but I think I'll be busy enough with my double-major as it is, so I'm going to have to wait for that. I'd really like to be able to teach history as a possibility, hence that little wish.

I also would like to be a writer, so I have an intention to take a course or two towards that direction.

And as a personal note, I want to take my school's offered Russian courses over the summer (for FREE. YES.) because the language is so interesting, and I also really enjoy much of Russian culture and... well, it's also a free language course with full credit in a language I'm very interested in. So why the hell not? XD

I guess this has, predictably, more been about what I intend to take as classes, rather than what I have taken. Seeing as I am, again, just a sophomore in college, this is obviously the most I can say.

Oh! But before I go, I took a required gen. ed. history course, but the one I took had been played with and modified, and my specific class was one that went to London, England at the end of the semester. It was brilliant, and I loved it, and now I'll never be truly happy again until I can go back over and over. Hehehe. But really, we saw so much, and learned so much as well, and I really and truly loved being there. I would consider a study abroad semester over there, I really would. Alas... money, such a silly, controlling, yet necessary thing. *sigh*

Okay, I do believe I've answered this thoroughly. Haha.

Original Story: Some Kind of Magic

“So... we take off tomorrow, Mayzee.”

“Yeah. We do.”

I smile at the Archer sitting beside me. “I have to say, if I have to travel with someone for an unknown-but-seemingly-indefinite amount of time, I’m glad it’s you.”

Mayzee laughs, smiling at me. “You’re not so bad yourself, Tania.”

Grinning, I hold my hand out in front of me, pretending to hold a cup. “Here’s to the journey ahead; may it live up to our anticipations.”

My best friend’s face mirrors mine, holding her hand out in a similar fashion. “And may luck and love follow us the entire way.”

We clasp our hands together, laughing some more after, collapsing on the bed we had been sharing since Syanth had joined the household.

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Writer's Block: Boldly going

I would love nothing more than to hop onto the Hogwarts Express.
I've always loved the world of Harry Potter, ever since I read the first book with my mom when I was little (I think I was in third grade). I love the idea of magic and flying and witches and wizards and magical creatures.... I'd love to be able to just wave a wand and say "Accio!" to get something from across the room *ish extraordinarily lazy*, or to climb on a broom and fly to school instead of driving over the obnoxious bridge I go on and then having to find a parking place. I'd also love to attend a quidditch match, and drink real Butterbeer, and be sorted into one of the Hogwarts houses (preferably Ravenclaw =D)...
I even had a "crush" on Harry Potter for a while, lol. I read fanfics and wrote one (though admittedly it wasn't for Harry, it was for either Ron or Draco o_O), and I watched the movies on repeat.
I kind of enter the world of Harry Potter when my friend and I cross over our story that we write together with it, but it's obviously not the same thing.
So yeah. I'd love to go to Hogwarts and things like that.
Thank you for observing my dorkiness ^^;